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Invest in the future: breastfeed your baby.  This relatively easy task will pay forward for many years to come.

For the mom, it is a convenient and cheap way to nourish her child.  Breastfeeding causes secretions of hormones, which give a feeling of happiness and well-being and strengthen bonding; promotes a quick return to pre-pregnancy weight; lowers the risk of developing breast cancer, ovarian cancer, diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease throughout life.

For the baby, it provides antibodies and other antimicrobial molecules to fight infection such as flu and gastroenteritis, both common causes of hospital admission for bottle-fed infants.  Breastfeeding also provides important nutrients for optimal brain growth and development – research shows breastfed babies have an IQ a few points higher than those bottle-fed; prevents excessive weight gain and later development of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Feeding premature infants human milk has improved survival rates dramatically.

Science has now proven what nature knew all along – human milk is best for human babies!  So why is the state of Kentucky, together with Mississippi and Louisiana, at the bottom of the ladder for both initiating and continuing breastfeeding?  Fifty-three percent of Kentucky moms initiate breastfeeding and only 28% continue past 3 months.

We currently have 3 CLC (certified lactation consultants) at GCHD. Chelsea Peak RN, CLC, Courtney Embry RN, CLC, and Margo Starcher, CLC are here to assist new moms with creating successful breastfeeding journeys.


They are able to set up in-office or telehealth appointments to assist with latch, supply issues, pumping education and weaning. They are also available to help prenatal moms with education and information before the baby arrives to be better prepared to breastfeed.


You can call 270-259-3141 or visit the Grayson County Health Department Breastfeeding Facebook page for more information. 

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