Public Health Transformation

Grayson County Health Department understands the importance of investing in our communities long-term. In fact, we have a legacy of acts of service since the beginning of the early 1900s. Although our commitment hasn't changed over the years, a lot of other things have which has impacted the overall financial health of local health departments across the state. 

GCHD is in strong financial shape; however, for strategic reasons, we need to make the transformation necessary as outlined by the Kentucky Department for Public Health to remain in strong financial shape for years to come. The main component of public health transformation is getting back to our core foundational services. Services that are proven to be needed based on local community health needs assessments can be financially justified. However, all other services that are not warranted, including services that are already being offered by community partners, do not need to be replicated by local health departments. 

Since 2020 GCHD has strengthened our relationships with community partners, and we continue to do so. In fact, our favorite word at this department is collaboration. To see how we are working with key community partners, visit our 2021 Community Impact Report

Along with financial reasons, we are embracing public health transformation to achieve accreditation thereby improving the quality of our overall services--focusing on quality more than quantity. Likewise, working with community partners is the right thing to do as public health is a community's responsibility; it's not just the local health department's responsibility. 

Together is more--and we can achieve so much by working together versus working in our own silos. This is what public health transformation is all about; it's why we are so passionate about it! 

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