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GCHD will be offering person-in-charge (PIC) food safety class on July 30th at 9 am at the Grayson County Extension Office.
Location: 64 Quarry Rd Leitchfield, KY 42754

Preregistration is required by July 29th by calling the environmental office at 270-259-8046.

Fee: $30.00 
Must be paid on the day of class.
No credit/debit cards accepted.
We accept cash, check, or money order

Food Services Inspections

The Grayson County Health Center performs, on average, twice-yearly unannounced inspections on local food establishments including restaurants, school cafeterias, grocery stores, temporary food booths, and mobile food units. These inspections are to examine the establishments for any issues related to public safety and food safety concerns.

Boil Water Advisory: Procedures for the Public         Procedures for Food Service Establishments

Food Management Certification


Tattoos/Body Piercings

The Grayson County Health Center inspects facilities that offer tattoos and body piercings to ensure proper bloodborne pathogen precautions are taken--and that certifications are current and in line with the Kentucky Department for Public Health requirements.  


Tattoos/Body Piercings 

Septic System Installation Inspections

The Grayson County Health Center inspects three categories of septic systems: new systems, existing systems and repair systems. For a new septic system installation, the center performs soil evaluations of properties to determine septic system size needed. They also inspect existing systems to ensure they are designed properly and meet all construction codes. The center works with certified septic installers in the county.

Animal Bite Investigations – Rabies

The Grayson County Health Center takes animal bites very seriously. Any time someone is bitten in Grayson County, the incident must be reported to the health center to ensure both the victim and the animal are healthy.

Common symptoms of rabies are flu-like at first then progress to cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, confusion, and agitation. From there, hallucinations, insomnia, and delirium are possible. Once the signs of the disease are noticeable, survival is rare, meaning it is very important to report bites immediately.

Public Pool Inspections

The Grayson County Health Center performs public pool inspections prior to the pool’s opening each spring, then once monthly while open. The health center inspects the facility and all equipment for proper function and cleanliness. This includes pump room and grounds inspections as well as checking water samples for proper chemical levels.

Beach Inspections

Beach inspections are separate from pool inspections. Beach inspections are performed to ensure proper design and layout of the area and to make sure water is buoyed off for public safety. Grounds facilities, restaurants and concessions also are inspected for cleanliness and proper safety precautions.



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