Between the internet, books, and well meaning friends and family there is tons of information out there about parenting. . .

it can almost seem overwhelming. 

But what if. . .

  • What if you had a person who came to your house once a week.

  • A person  you could get to know and trust who had tons of training on child development. 

  • A person you could ask all of your questions.

  • A person who would tell you each week, all the things you are doing so very well and would fill you with encouragement.

  • A person who would be there, walking beside you the first two years of your baby’s life,  week after week.  Encouraging you every step of the way.


Sounds pretty great huh?


What if I told you that what I just described is available.   

Your very own HANDS home visitor.   


The HANDS program is a voluntary home visiting program for moms or dads.  We can accept families into our program prenatally all the way up until their little one turns 3 months old.  HANDS is not income based and once in the program, we will be there to support you until your little one turns two years old.


When you are part of the HANDS program you get your very own home visitor,  who normally comes to your house every week for 30-45 minutes.  Right now with Covid 19 restrictions we are visiting with our families through facetime, zoom or phone calls only.

At HANDs our goal is simple.

We want to encourage and cheer you on to be the best parent you can be.

Want to know more about HANDS or how to get started?

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