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Holding E-cigarette

Tobacco Prevention

The Grayson County Health Department's Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Program is guided by four goals:

  1. Preventing the initiation of tobacco use among young people,

  2. Promoting cessation among young people and adults,

  3. Eliminating non-smoker's exposure to environmental tobacco smokes and,

  4. Identifying and eliminating the disparities related to tobacco and its effects on different population groups.

The program's mission is to reduce preventable and premature deaths attributed to tobacco use by implementing programs to decrease tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.



Program Coordinator: Jessica Rusher, RN

Contact: 270-259-3141


Interested in nicotine cessation? Fill this form out to be contacted by our Tobacco Treatment Specialist to create an individualized plan to help you quit. We are here to support you by offering counseling, treatment plans and resources. 

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