About GCHD

The Grayson County Health Department follows the national model of public health which is to prevent, promote, and protect. There are several different health departments throughout the state. Some health departments are part of a district while others are independent. GCHD is an independent health department. Although independent, GCHD is affiliated with the Kentucky Department for Public Health. GCHD is managed by the Grayson County Board of Health.

Director's Message 2022

​Welcome to the Grayson County Health Department--your health department! GCHD has a legacy of acts of service--and that legacy continues as reflected in our 2021 Community Impact Report.


I accepted the position of Public Health Director in October 2019.  No experience or college degree could have prepared me for the crisis looming within a matter of months from my start date (the COVID-19 global pandemic). However, thanks to the committed, seasoned staff that I work with, this department was able to adjust as needed and move forward despite lockdowns, cancellations, and a world in turmoil over an unknown virus.

As we turn the page and enter 2022, we have so many exciting things to look forward to in the new year--including public health transformation. Although COVID-19 is still a public health threat, GCHD continues to strive to improve the programs and processes that we have always offered before the pandemic. Our mission since 2020 has been to make our services more accessible thereby allowing residents and businesses to feel a part of local public health.

No matter how talented the staff members of this department may be, and there are some wonderfully talented people in this department, we cannot improve overall public health without the assistance of community partners as well as individual residents. 

We look forward to serving our communities for another year. We hope that others will join us in helping make Grayson County an even healthier place to call home.

With Gratitude,

Joshua Horton, BS, MS, MBA

Public Health Director/Executive Director

Grayson County Health Department

What we do

The Grayson County Health Department has served the county and surrounding areas for decades. We have a strong legacy of helping our communities with disease prevention, response, and recovery. GCHD’s commitment to public health has never wavered. The last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic have reiterated the role that GCHD plays in the overall health and well-being of residents. We are proud to be a part of so many lives!

The mission of GCHD is to serve the residents of Grayson County by promoting public health and disease prevention.​


Quality Services, Public Health Strategy, Collaboration.