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About GCHD

The Grayson County Health Department follows the national model of public health which is to prevent, promote, and protect. There are several different health departments throughout the state. Some health departments are part of a district while others are independent. GCHD is an independent health department. Although independent, GCHD is affiliated with the Kentucky Department for Public Health. GCHD is managed by the Grayson County Board of Health.

What is Public Health?

We're glad you asked! See the infographic below.









Director's Message 2024

It’s difficult to believe that it’s 2024. However, we find ourselves in a brand-new year with a lot of exciting opportunities. One opportunity that I cherish is the opportunity to serve Grayson County for another year as Public Health Director. I am also excited about the opportunity to serve with the great men and women of TeamGCHD. The Grayson County Health Department is staffed with some of the most passionate and capable individuals who truly care about the community. The drive to serve is one of the strongest bonds we share as a team.

As we enter this new year, GCHD has released four areas of commitment. We are going on a journey together as we address public health issues such as smoking, obesity, substance abuse, and the growing mental health crisis. This is an ambitious undertaking that we alone cannot achieve. However, through collaboration with community partners and individuals, we believe that we can make improvements in these areas.

It's an exciting time to call Grayson County home! It’s an exciting time to serve in Grayson County. Together, we can do exciting things!

With Gratitude,

Joshua Horton, BS, MS, MBA

Public Health Director

Mission Statement (revised 8/3/23)

Our mission is to promote and safeguard the health and well-being of our community by providing accessible, high-quality, and comprehensive services. We are committed to addressing the diverse needs of individuals and populations through prevention, education, and evidence-based practices. By fostering collaboration with community partners, we strive to achieve optimal outcomes and empower individuals to live healthy and fulfilling lives.

Vision Statement (revised 8/3/23)

Our vision is to be a leading health department that sets the standard for excellence in delivering services and improving the overall health of our community. We aspire to create a culture of health where every individual can thrive, regardless of their background or circumstance. Through innovation, compassion, and a relentless dedication to advancing health equity, we aim to become a driving force in enhancing the well-being of our community.


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